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Business Development

Business development

Business Development

Planning on Growing Your Business With Us?

CN’s Business Development team has a stellar track record, helping hundreds of companies develop rail-served sites and expand existing ones. We work with you by identifying sites, collaborating through the designing and construction phases of your project and coordinating with our extensive network of partners to get the job done.

Certified Rail Ready Sites Program

Choosing a rail-served site for a new manufacturing facility can be a challenging and long-term decision that demands both significant investment in dollars, time and resources. CN`s Certified Rail Ready Site Program is an initiative that targets partners with access to existing industrial sites which have a high potential for development along the rail network. Through these partnerships, CN puts the initial building blocks in place to speed up the opening process and reduce the overall risks.

Find a Rail Site

One such partner is Austin Consulting, an industrial site location pioneer for over 70 years. They screen available industrial sites along the CN’s rail network to identify those most ready to accommodate near-term industrial investment. Through a detailed site assessment and due diligence process the most time consuming aspects of choosing an industrial site are been done for you.


Phases of Business Development

Phase 1

Assessment and Consultation

Contact one of CN`s Business Developement experts to assess your project and help you initiate your project with success. Services offered as part of phase 1 are:

  • Reviewing requirements such as origins, destinations, rail volumes and products
  • Recommend available sites which best match the established requirements
  • Introduce you to brokers, economic development officers and other key contacts


Phase 2

Concept and Detailed Design

Now that your location has been identified you can detail and plan out how your future project will help you meet your business objectives. During this phase you will:

  • Develop a conceptual design with the help of a rail design consultant and have it reviewed by CN`s Business Development experts
  • Once your concept is approved, you can proceed to the detailed design stage with the help of your selected rail design consultant
  • CN`s Business Development experts will assist in getting your detailed construction design approved and ready for execution

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Phase 3

Construction and Operation

With an approved detailed construction design in hand your project is now ready for construction and your contractors will be able to start building your facility.

  • Once the track and installations are completed, CN`s Business Developement experts will coordinate a track inspection
  • Upon a successful track inspection for safety and operation as well as completion of documentation, you can start shipping by rail
  • Inspect and maintain your tracks regularly, stay up to date with safety best practices

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