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CN is a leading shipper of fertilizers such as potash, urea and ammonia originating in Western Canada and in the U.S. With access to the Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf Coast, we have easy access to Asian, South American and European markets where we can export or import your fertilizer.

The grass is definitely greener here!

The world’s demand for agricultural products is continually on the rise. We are ready to help you supply the key fertilizer ingredients to meet this growing demand. With domestic and overseas reach to fertilizer markets and a seamless supply chain approach, we focus on working together to understand your business and offer the most efficient solutions to get your product to your market.

Our Competitive Advantage

Access to the U.S. Corn Belt

Through key strategic investments since 1997, CN has built a network that is unparalleled in providing access to the U.S. fertilizer market, particularly in the Midwestern United States, the heart of the corn belt.

Strategic Network

The EJ&E acquisition provides CN’s customers with a more efficient and consistent connection between the Eastern, Western and Southern regions of CN’s network, reaching 75% of the U.S. potash consumption market.


We ship well over 10 million tons of fertilizer a year!

We are the only railroad that can provide a seamless service package to the Lower Mainland region in Western Canada, to the Port of Prince Rupert in the North, to the Port of Halifax in the East, down to the Gulf of Mexico in the South. Our professional service, congestion-free routing and vessel sailing time are real time and money savers. Take a look at our transit times to Asia.

High Capacity Terminals

CN has access to all bulk terminals in the Lower Mainland and directly services those that can handle large volumes of bulk products, such as potash, coal or grain.

Supply Chain Approach

CN has the capability to monitor and measure the entire supply chain, from your mine to your terminal of choice. Our team of professionals is prepared to adapt the service as changes occur in the supply chain.

Reach Beyond Rails

CN Cargoflo locations can transload your product from rail to truck to bring your product where you need it.

Equipment & Innovation

Get the right fit for your product

CN owns and operates the largest equipment fleet in Canada. We have the quantity and variety of equipment you need to meet your transportation requirements for safe, damage-free shipping!


Price and Tariffs

Ready to ship?

The first step towards getting your goods to their destination is getting a price.

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