Moving Dangerous Goods Safely
Partnering with first responders

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Trainings and Guides for First Responders
CN protects the safety of communities when transporting dangerous goods through rigorous protocols and initiatives, and we work closely with communities, including first responders and local officials.

The CN Dangerous Goods Team offers comprehensive training focusing on emergency preparedness and response to railway incidents. Learn more about online and in-person training opportunities that help keep communities safe.
Emergency Response Resources
We have specific emergency response resources, equipment and expertly trained teams across our network to address any dangerous goods incident.

This includes firefighting trailers equipped with foam which can be deployed during flammable liquid incidents, as well as transfer trailers which are units containing equipment such as pumps, hoses and other materials necessary to mitigate a dangerous goods incident.

Dangerous Goods Resources Map

CN Dangerous Goods Contacts

CN Dangerous Good Contacts

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Resources and Actions to Protect Your Community
CN transports many products – including dangerous goods – that are essential to the North American economy and involved in the production of what consumers in Canada and the United States buy and use everyday. While rail transportation in North America is recognized as the safest method of moving large quantities of dangerous goods or hazardous materials, we recognize the important responsibility we have to protect the safety of communities when transporting these and other products.

Dangerous Goods / Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow for your Community

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Key Routes Risk Assessments

Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan

As part of our safety preparedness work and commitment, CN performs specific risk assessments on railway lines carrying certain amounts of dangerous goods as specified in Transport Canada’s Rules respecting Key Trains and Key Routes, looking at factors such as population and emergency response capabilities. Under these Transport Canada Rules, CN reaches out to Canadian municipalities to seek input on safety and security concerns on Key Route risk assessments.

For information about Transport Canada’s Rules Respecting Key Trains and Key Routes please visit their website. For more information or to submit your municipality’s input for key route risk assessments please contact us.


Giving First Responders Real-Time Information About the Contents of Railcars and Trains

The AskRail® app is a safety tool that provides first responders and Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) immediate access to accurate, timely data about what type of hazardous materials/dangerous goods a railcar is carrying so they can make an informed decision about how to respond to a rail emergency. AskRail is a backup resource if information from the train conductor or train consist is not available.

Benefits of AskRail®

  • Use a simple railcar ID search to see whether a railcar on a train is carrying hazardous materials/dangerous goods
  • View the contents of the entire train
  • View emergency contact information for all Class I railroads and Amtrak
  • Access information from the North American Emergency Response Guidebook
  • Map feature provides isolation zone and points of interest (street or satellite view)
  • Available in English and French


Dangerous Goods FAQ
Programs and Partnerships
CN partners with safety initiatives in Canada and in the United-States to advance our commitment to community safety and emergency preparedness.

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