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Our Commitment to Safety
Our vision is to be the safest railroad in North America by establishing an uncompromising safety culture that leads to sustained leadership in safety. We believe in a systematic approach that leaves nothing to chance.

At CN, we look out for each other, and by everyone looking out for others in their communities, we can help keep them safe.
  • Employees
  • Leadership in Safety

    CN invests significantly in training, coaching, recognition and employee engagement initiatives in order to strengthen our safety culture. The Company has taken a systematic approach to training and developing the new railroaders it hires every year, with activities such as Looking Out For Each Other, intensive field training, Onboarding and Safety Summits.

    Life Critical Rules

    Among the safety rules we observe at CN are ones that, if not followed to the letter, can lead to serious injury or even death. These are called Life Critical Rules, and your life, your co-workers’ lives and the safety of the communities we serve depend on them.

  • First Responders

  • To do their jobs correctly, First Responders need to know what they are dealing with, and the appropriate training on how to deal with it. At CN, we are committed to providing First Responders along our network with the information and the knowledge they need.

  • Municipalities

  • At CN, we are proud to be part of the fabric of the many cities, towns and villages across our entire North American network. We strive for open and positive communication in our communities, ensuring we address the issues that matter most to you.

    To keep the lines of communication open and ensure we deliver accurate, consistent information to the public, we encourage you to contact our Public Inquiry Line at 1-888-888-5909 or at Public Inquiries to reach your local member of CN Public & Government Affairs. They will be pleased to respond to your questions or issues of interest.

  • Neighbors

  • We are not just a regular business; we’re part of your every day life. Whether you live by the railroad or you cross our tracks to get to work or bring your kids to school, we understand that CN is a different neighbour than one that you might be used to. Being safe around a crossing or getting your kids to understand the right way to interact with the railroad is the best way to keep everyone safe.

  • Customers

  • Safety comes first and we do everything we can to keep our people, our neighbours and the goods we transport safe. Whether it is your work with rail equipment, safety around tracks or elements of infrastructure and design, we want to give you the tools you need to be safe.


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