Winning in the North American Automotive Supply Chain

As the global automotive supply chain becomes more complex and interconnected, CN continues to develop a wide range of product solutions to allow us to have a greater participation in this service-sensitive market. We are also looking to extend our reach through additional automotive distribution centers in major markets. In order to provide good quality service to our finished vehicle customers, we continue to drive velocity improvements both on our network and within our facilities. CN’s intermodal service also provides the efficient transportation of auto parts from domestic and international suppliers.



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Expanding Automotive Network Capacity and Reach
Expanding Automotive Network Capacity and Reach

Business Unit Overview: Automotive CN Automotive


  • Our network enables us to distribute finished vehicles and auto parts to major population centres across Canada and the US Midwest.
  • CN’s intermodal service provides efficient transport of auto parts from domestic and international suppliers.
  • CN’s three-coast network enables automotive imports and exports to and from Mexico, Europe, and Asia.
  • CN arranges all aspects of the automotive supply chain including the ocean, rail, truck, transload, customs, customer service, and billing.

  • Over 2.4 million finished vehicles handled annually.
  • 18 automotive compound facilities.
  • Serving 13 North American vehicle assembly plants.
  • 5,700 multi-level railcars in CN’s fleet.
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