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Shipping Tools and Processes

The impetus for continuous improvement — the impetus for CN to work closely with customers to continually improve our service — is always there.

This is exactly why CN has welcomed the federal government's Rail Freight Service Review (RFSR), a facilitation process to produce a template for service-level agreements and enhanced commercial dispute resolution mechanisms.

We believe that the RFSR process has brought much-needed winds of change, providing impetus for CN and the rail industry to re-engage with customers to improve service from one end of the supply chain to the other.

CN has achieved significant improvements in customer service in the past three years and has initiated — and continues to embrace — supply chain collaboration agreements and service-level agreements with a wide array of stakeholders and customers, both large and small. In forest products, grain, metals, coal and intermodal traffic.

Bottom line: The launch of the RFSR process was a large factor in CN stepping up its game.

Our contribution to the RFSR process

Below are our three submissions to the Rail Freight Service Review Panel.

  CN Submission Complete Filing (PDF)

  CN Submission on Intermodal Issues (PDF)

  CN Submission on Grain Issues (PDF)