CN is Proud to be Recognized as a Top Employer Year After Year
Not only to do these notable distinctions reaffirm our efforts to be a leading company, community partner and employer, but they energize us to keep on pushing forward to make CN even better.

The Career Directory 2022 Award  - Best Employer for recent graduates    forbes                              

Welcoming New and Exciting Challenges
At CN, everyday brings new and exciting challenges. You can expect an interesting environment where you’re part of making sure our business is running optimally and safely―helping keep the economy on track.

We welcome students who share their ideas, perspectives and understanding of new technologies with our teams. In return, we provide the opportunity to work on exciting projects with experienced collaborators who are happy to share their knowledge, all within a mutually-agreed to framework.

You will be able to thrive in our close-knit, safety-focused culture working together as ONE TEAM. The opportunities we offer are meaningful because the work we do matters. Join us!

Alexander Darlington


Coordinator Business Analysis, I & T
System Design Core

“I was directly integrated to real life problems that needed solving”

Mona Patel


Data Design Coordinator,
I & T Enterprise Architecture

“Being a part of this program allowed me to work with the latest technologies.”

Abdulrahim Ibrahim


Coordinator Business Analysis, I & T
Financial Program Management

“CN’s workplace culture sets the tone for collaboration and communication.”

Abi Goxhaj


Accounting Intern
“During my summer internship at CN, I was able to apply concepts that I had learned in school and develop great analytical and problem solving skills that are critical for my field.”

Adrian Duarte


Mechanical Intern
“It was rewarding to be trusted to successfully navigate a multimillion dollar project.”

What It’s Like to Work at CN
CN offers interesting assignments in a structured environment with competitive pay. When you join our team, you’ll be working for a leading transportation and logistics organisation on projects critical to the business, such as performing systems testing, audits, data analysis, building reports and R&D. All our hiring managers must submit a framework document outlining the work required as well as goals and touchpoints with the manager and team, prior to receiving a student placement. This framework must be discussed and signed-off on with the student once they arrive. This ensures that your time with us will be productive for both you and our organisation and that you will have tangible results to share.

  • Valuable and Relevant Projects
  • Multiple Career Opportunities
  • Inclusive and Diverse Work Environment
  • Team Work and Support
  • Competitive Salary and Compensation


Start Building Your Career With CN
Our goal is to welcome talent to our team. We like to rehire our top students and with our Early Career Program, we have full-time positions to transition our talent to upon graduation.

CN’s internship roles are open to all full-time students majoring in applicable fields who have recently graduated or have completed one year in their program of choice.