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CN Investment Division

CN Investment Division (CNID)

Who we are

Established in 1968, the CN Investment Division (the Division), based in Montreal, manages one of the largest single-employer defined benefit pension funds in Canada and holds a long track record of solid performance.

Approximately C$16 billion is actively managed in-house by 95 employees for the CN Pension Plan’s approximately 49,800 pensioners and pension plan members. The Division also manages the assets of the CN Pension Plan for Senior Management and the BC Rail Pension Plan.

The Division’s culture is nimble, innovative, collaborative and risk-aware. Pensioners are always at the heart of what we do.

Mailing Address

5 Place Ville Marie, Suite 1100
P.O. Box 11002
Montreal, Quebec H3C 4T2

Street Address

5 Place Ville Marie, Suite 1100
Montreal, Quebec H3B 2G2

CN Investment Division

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Job Postings

Great opportunity in the Investment Finance team!

   Specialist, Investment Finance

Great opportunity in the Investment Performance team!

   Manager, Investment Performance

Great opportunity in the Communications and Office Services team!

   Website Designer (4-month contract)