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Grain Plan Updates
CN believes that a collaborative approach to grain transportation drives stronger results for the entire grain supply chain. Our Grain Plan updates are the product of extensive consultation with key stakeholders, and reflects the valuable feedback they provide.
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We've assembled a toolkit of information you need to know about working with CN this harvest season. We're all in this together and we want to equip you with any and all information you need about working safely and efficiently with us.

Helping Our Customers Feed the World
Helping Our Customers Feed the World

Business Unit Overview: Grain CN- Grain


  • CN provides a variety of car supply products for Revenue-Cap regulated traffic and commercial corridors in order to secure priority in advance of harvest season, as well as increase physical grain origination assets, and facilitate freight trade.
  • Direct rail access to grain export facilities at Prince Rupert, Vancouver, Thunder Bay, St. Lawrence River ports, as well as export terminals on the Gulf Coast
  • Access to terminals in Duluth, and delivery of grain/processed grain products to barge loading facilities along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers
  • Access to stuffing facilities in the prairies and other locations that load grain products into containers ready to be shipped to various export positions and beyond

  • CN is investing in 1000 new generation grain hopper cars that are shorter and carry a higher payload
  • With access to ports on three coasts, CN provides customers with a competitive advantage to meet growing demand in key markets in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America
  • CN has added capacity to move grain in Western Canada in private cars which goes above the CN-supplied hoppers of 5650 per week outside of winter and 4150 per week during winter.
  • Crop size has increased by roughly 40% since 2005 and CN’s car spotting program in the fall in western Canada, when demand for freight is strongest, has increased by over 40%
  • Since 2015, 21 new high throughput elevators have been announced to be exclusively served by CN with one additional being dual-served.

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From Farm to Table

Farmers, grain companies, country elevator staff, train engineers, port operators, vessel crews – it takes a lot of people to move grain.

Somewhere between farm and table are the people who make it all happen. Hear from farmers, railroaders and supply chain partners about how they keep grain moving – from seed, to shipping to destination.


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