The Customer Journey
When you ship with CN, it isn’t just your cargo travelling across our network. With our tuned in team and suite of digital tools, you get to watch it move. How you access our services and communicate with the CN team, that’s your journey.

Whether you’re new to shipping by rail or an existing customer, we’re in this together.

Starting Out
Different commodities come with different guidelines. Sticking to safety practices and shipping regulations helps ensure your cargo is moved safely and efficiently. Here’s what you need to know:

Intermodal Gate Hours Read more

Grain Reporting Information Read more

Customs Process Read more

Safety & Regulations Read more

Track Specifications Read more

Damage Prevention Read more

Track And Order Your Shipment
Even if you’re running an online business, chances are most of your business is conducted online. Take advantage of CN’s suite of eTools and discover why our technology is the simplest and most cost-effective way to manage your shipments. Once registered, you can easily order or release equipment, track your cargo as it moves and input all of the documentation you need.
  • Invoicing & Payments
  • Managing Your Shipments

    The cargo journey is coming to an end. CN’s eBill tool allows you to check your account status and pay outstanding invoices.

  • Claims
  • Simplifying the Process

    We do everything we can to ensure the safe movement of your cargo. Sometimes, however, things happen and cargo is damage. Our claims process is simple to navigate and helps you throughout the process.

  • Disputes & Resolution
  • Making Things Right

    When disputes arise with customers, we actively look for the best — and fairest — way to resolve them. That’s when our commercial dispute resolution process comes into play.

Constant Customer Focus
Our customers’ success is important to us. We’ve developed tools and training material to help you work alongside us for the smoothest possible journey.