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We provide various mechanisms to report violations to the Code of Business Conduct (PDF) and address issues, including internal representatives, a confidential hotline, a legal assistance helpline, Human Resource Centre, the confidential Employee and Family Assistance Program, the CN Ombudsman's office, CN Police, and the CN Public Inquiry Line.

The CN Ombudsman provides a confidential, objective and informal avenue that offers advice on internal and external practices and facilitates fair and equitable resolutions to concerns of any nature that arise within CN or the community. Through its Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee, the Board reviews, monitors and oversees the Code. On an annual basis, management reports to the Committee on the implementation of the Code and on any material contraventions by employees.

As well, interested parties can communicate with the Board Chair by calling 514-399-6544 or by fax at 514-399-5744.

Reporting Code Violations

Find out how to report Code of Business Conduct violations.

If you believe that someone associated with CN (including employees, suppliers, vendors, contractors and partners) has violated a provision of our Code, you are expected to bring the matter in good faith to the attention of CN's Ombudsman by e-mail, telephone, mail or in person.

CN Ombudsman

1-866-226-8968 or 514-399-5581

Email CN Ombudsman

Mail or In Person:
CN Ombudsman
935 de La Gauchetière West
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3B 2M9

Our Ombudsman provides confidential and impartial guidance to employees on issues related to our Code of Business Conduct.

Reporting Accounting or Auditing Misconduct

Learn how to express concerns about potential or real accounting or auditing wrongdoing.

Anyone who wishes to express concerns about potential or real accounting or auditing wrongdoing* should contact us in one of the following ways:

Call CN's Hot Line Number at 1-800-925-5974.


Use our Report-an-Issue online form to submit your concern.

Either way, all matters brought to our attention will be examined by CN's Board of Directors.

* All complaints and/or concerns will be handled promptly and confidentially and you will not be penalized, discharged, demoted, suspended or discriminated against for reporting or enquiring in good faith about potentially unethical conduct or for seeking guidance on how to handle suspected illegal acts or rule violations.