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Trademark Licensing

CN considers its trademark to be one of its most valuable assets. The CN logo depicts a strong, bold, forward-thinking company. A powerful symbol for many decades, it has been chosen as one of the Top 50 Corporate Logos of All Times by a prestigious international panel of design leaders.

CN is also the custodian of many trademarks of railroads, historic or contemporary, that were grouped under the CN banner.

CN requires a licensing agreement for any use of a current or historic trademark of CN or its constituent railroads. The Company will generally approve proposals that satisfy the following criteria:

  1. The proposed use of current and historical logos, trademark, trade names and images of CN and its constituent railroads (hereinafter the “licensed image”) should not be detrimental to the Company's image and reputation in any way.
  2. The licensed image shall strictly conform with all CN graphic guidelines and approved elements:
  3. The proposed use of the licensed image shall always represent CN's values and be appropriate in tone and scope.

Licensee application (PDF): please print, complete and submit (by mail, email or fax) to the address below. Your proposal will be reviewed, and upon approval, we will send you a License Agreement for your signature.


Canadian National Railway Company

Canadian National Railway
Trademark Licensing
935, de La Gauchetière Street West
Montreal, QC
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