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AUG 11, 2022

CN Moves Wind Energy Components Across North America

CN is proud to play a critical role in supporting the green energy industry by providing energy-efficient transportation solutions. Wind power is a renewable and zero-emission source of electricity generation, and its demand is growing globally. In Canada, there are close to 7,000 wind turbines1 across 317 wind farms2 , and 87,000 wind turbines in the U.S3.

One of the areas where CN has been making tremendous strides is in the transportation of wind turbine components. The components moved by CN include tower sections, blades, hubs, and nacelles, and support the installation of new wind farms and the maintenance of operating turbines. 


Since 2016, CN has moved over 10,000 single wind turbine units. Moving these units to their end destination is a complex process and requires the expertise of many different departments within CN.

The town of Oyen, Alberta, is the latest location to receive 11 CN unit trains (40-70 railcars each), supporting the installation of four different wind farms in southern Alberta in 2022. A dedicated CN team worked successfully with multiple stakeholders to transport these goods from the wind turbine manufacturers to Oyen.

Gaston Riquero, Solutions Manager, Supply Chain Solutions Dimensional & Wind Energy, worked with Oyen officials to use their dedicated land at a logistics park to accommodate the oversized components, some standing 262 feet tall with unique shapes and weight.

The first of eleven CN trains coming into Oyen, AB
The first of eleven CN trains coming into Oyen, AB

Moving over-sized equipment like this in railroading terms is called a “Dimensional Load” which requires due diligence as well as strong planning. From proper loading to lashing security, as well as inspections, the CN team works to ensure that every aspect of this move is completed safely and efficiently.

To learn more about shipping wind turbines as well as to arrange the shipment of other dimensional loads, please email a CN sales representative here :


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2 Canadian Renewable Energy Association
3 U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy