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Shipping Tools and Processes

The information on your bill of lading is crucial to us.  It is a legal document instructing us on how to move, rate and invoice you for your traffic.

The party sending the shipping instructions for the empty cars should follow the rules listed in the Guidelines Governing Shipments of Empty Private Railcars Moving on Own Wheels (PDF) to determine if the cars are for revenue or non-revenue moves.

It is also the responsibility of the party sending the shipping instructions to determine who the payer of freight will be.  If information on payer of freight is missing or is unclear, the car owner will be invoiced.

If a change needs to be made to the payer of freight, we will require a signed letter from the party accepting the charges in order for us to process the change. When information regarding the revenue status or the payer of freight is missing or inaccurate on a bill of lading and we must make the changes, a fee will be charged to the shipper, as per CN 9000 Item 3050.


 CN 6544 – Mileage equalization in Canada

  RIC 6007 – Mileage equalization in the U.S.