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Brampton Smart Terminal Enhancements

Improving Capacity and Service Levels

As part of the project, we have redesigned our Brampton yard, to elevate our capacity and customer service levels, while maintaining our priority for safety.

Some of the changes to the yard include:

  • Renamed the yard into North and South sections:
    • The main yard is now divided into ‘North & South’ sections at the middle crossing.
    • Northern Intermodal (NI) is now called ‘North Lot - N300 Series’.
    • CTC is now called ‘North Lot - N500 Series’.
    • Pond Area is now called ‘South Lot - S300 Series’.
  • Opened the middle crossing to help evenly spread traffic throughout the yard and reduce congestion.
  • Tracks now follow a new naming convention that increases in increments of 10:
    • North end: Starts with Track N010
    • South end: Starts with Track S010
  • Introduced the concept of aisle names that adopt the same naming as tracks (increasing by increments of 10).
  • Adding new naming conventions such as lettered zones and numbered slots for added accuracy.
  • Carters will receive more detailed container location information on their j-slips later this year when we transition to our new operating system.

These changes will help our carter community quickly locate containers, resulting in improved service time and reduced congestion while improving the overall experience for every carter.