Fleet upgrade using U.S. Steel: Building the next generation of ore cars
APR 02, 2024

Fleet upgrade using U. S. Steel: Building the next generation of ore cars

We are reinforcing our partnership with U. S. Steel by acquiring 600 new iron ore jennies built by Freight Car America using U. S. Steel materials. This not only represents a significant upgrade to CN's fleet but also underscores the Company's dedication to operational excellence and sustainable growth.

We are proud that Freight Car America chose to integrate U. S. Steel's high-quality materials into the manufacturing process for the new iron ore jennies, specialized hopper cars uniquely crafted for transporting heavy loads of iron ore. This integration not only enhances the performance and durability of CN's fleet but also strengthens collaboration between CN and U. S. Steel in the North American supply chain ecosystem.

The acquisition of these 600 new cars represents a substantial upgrade to CN's fleet capabilities. Manufactured by Freight Car America in Mexico, these state-of-the-art cars are engineered to meet the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. By incorporating materials from U. S. Steel, the history of iron ore mining in Minnesota powers the ongoing operation of rail cars, ensuring they can continue transporting products for years to come.

This partnership with U. S. Steel and Freight Car America underscores our unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration. As an industry leader, CN is dedicated to taking part in supply chain solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but also grow business.

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