We Go Beyond
to Deliver the Goods that
Keep the Economy Rolling

A Leading North American Transportation and Logistics Company
Essential to the economy, the CN team of approximately 23,000 railroaders transports more than C$250 billion worth of goods annually for a wide range of business sectors, ranging from resource products to manufactured products to consumer goods, across a rail network of approximately 20,000 route-miles spanning Canada and mid-America.
  • Our Network
  • Connecting Markets

    Spanning Canada and Mid-America as well as connecting ports on three coasts, the CN network penetrates deep into resource-rich and manufacturing-intensive regions, to move raw materials, intermediate goods and finished goods to market.

    Our reach extends beyond rail to offer fully integrated transportation and logistics services.

  • Executives
  • CEO and Direct Reports

    Meet the solid leaders who are at the heart of CN’s success. Our team is driven by a shared commitment: continue to ensure that CN remains the best railroad in North America. Read their profiles here.

    Tracy Robinson
  • Board of Directors
  • Board Mandate

    Our Board represents our shareholders and is the decision-making body for all matters deemed material to the business. The Board supervises the management of CN's business affairs, with the objective of increasing shareholder value.  

    The Board has subdivided its supervision mandate into eight areas and has established committees that have certain responsibilities for these areas.

    Board of Directors
  • Governance
  • Building for the Highest Standards of Governance

    Responsible governance is a fundamental part of our business practices and culture. Having in place a strong governance structure is the foundation of an effective framework to support and embed our Delivering Responsibly philosophy and provide clear guidance on how authority is exercised within the company.

    We continuously improve our culture of integrity and ethical business, building trust and confidence with all our stakeholders.

  • History
  • 100 Years of Business

    Witness CN’s remarkable transformation journey – a journey that has seen CN, over the years, become a North American rail industry leader. With close to 100 years under our belt, we are North America’s true supply chain enabler and take pride in building for the future of our customers, employees, partners, community and shareholders.

CN in Numbers
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employees in Canada
and in the U.S

mile rail network
connecting 3 coasts

revenues earned
in 2023

operating ratio
in 2023