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Metals & Minerals

The acceptance of “Coiled Metal Products” by CN will be subject to specific conditions. These conditions are amended from time to time, and are necessary to help ensure a safe rail environment for our employees, the general public, and to protect the best interests of our customers. The term “Coiled Metal Products” includes multi-packs of coils in individual stacks, which are unitized in such a manner as to maintain vertical alignment.

All mandatory conditions can be found in the documentation listed below.

Price Documents

RIC 6007 – Private railcars – Mileage equalization and distance allowance - All U.S. carriers.

CN 6544 – Private railcars – Mileage equalization and distance allowance - Canada.

CN 6800 – For the acceptance and restrictions of intermodal traffic, including:

  • Acceptance of containers.
  • Traffic restrictions.
  • Flexitank approved manufacturers:

  • – EPT (Environmental Packaging Technologies) as of May 15th 2012
    – Braidco as of September 4th 2012.
            – TransOcean/JF Hillebrand Group Multi-Layer Flexitank as of July 2018
              – SIA Flexitanks as of October 2019

     Commodity Request Form for Flexitanks

  • Coiled metal products: Product Policy & Letter of Agreement (PDF).
  • Use of certified coil loaders: Certified Coil Loaders List (PDF)
  • Dangerous goods / Hazardous materials.
  • Restricted commodities.