Supplier Safety
How to work with us safely
Our Suppliers Are Key Safety Partners
Our suppliers are key players in our business. We strive to ensure they are guided by the same core safety value that guides us, and we partner with our suppliers to help them achieve the same safety standards we expect of ourselves.
eRailSafe Program For CN Contractors and Consultants

CN’s commitment to further enhancing safety and security is ongoing… and all encompassing. It includes our people, customers and partners. It also involves CN consultants, contractors and sub-contractors. It’s why we recently rolled out eRailsafe, a program specifically designed for CN consultants, contractors and sub-contractors.

eRailSafe will ensure:

  • CN contractors and consultants performing work for CN have the necessary credentials and training to work on our property or I&T infrastructure.
  • Work is performed in accordance with our expectations and safety requirements.
  • Security is enhanced at CN through the contractor screening process.

eRailSafe consists of a three-step process:

  • A criminal background check (which is managed through CN Police).
  • Safety and security training.
  • The issuance of a credential in the form of a photo ID badge.

CN-hired contractors and consultants require credentials through the eRailsafe program in order to perform work on railway property or I&T Infrastructure in accordance with their contract with CN. Contractors not hired directly by CN should go to

Utility Installations

We believe that adhering to standards is key to “doing the right thing” and complying with regulations.

This is a belief we share with our employees, customers and partners. It’s a belief that also applies to municipalities or utility companies wishing to build a utility (pipe or wire) crossing or parallelism under or over our railway.

Municipalities and utility companies no longer need to obtain an order authorizing construction (under the Canada Transportation Act). They are expected to reach a negotiated agreement with us, covering all construction and maintenance matters — and, of course, adhering to our standards.

To meet certain railway and government standards, municipalities or utility companies must follow the “proper” safety procedures.

Utility Installations Safety Procedures

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CN Right of Way Insurance Requirements

Instructions for contractors who are planning to work within the property or right of way of any CN companies in the U.S.

  • Your company must obtain Railroad Protective Liability Insurance (“RPL Insurance”) in the amount of $5,000,000.00 per occurrence and $10,000,000.00 aggregate, in the name of the appropriate CN entity.
  • You can obtain RPL Insurance through your insurance broker or, even easier, through Railroad Protective Solutions.
  • Read the documents below to find out how to comply with CN's requirements (or call Railroad Protective Solutions at 877-551-1677 for details).

To get access to the RPL application, for quotes or more information visit RPL Insurance's website.



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