Building Sustainable Relationships with Our Suppliers

Sustainable Procurement Program

Our program focuses on integrating sustainability into the procurement process, encompassing supplier selection, risk assessment, continuous improvement, and capacity building. We collaborate with businesses sharing our commitment to sustainability, strategically deploying procurement spend to meet operational requirements but also promoting fairness and competition.

We strive to seek opportunities enabling us to reduce our environmental impact while focusing on safety, positive social change, transparency, and active supplier engagement.

Policies and Guidelines

We hold our suppliers to the same high standards we uphold ourselves. Our Supplier Code of Conduct is an extension of our Code of Business Conduct and Human Rights Policy, which outlines our commitment to trust, integrity, labor and human rights, environment, and business ethics. These guidelines are referenced in all supplier contracts, and suppliers are regularly informed of any updates or changes.,

CN prioritizes supplier safety and security, which is why eRailSafe is mandated for contractors and sub-contractors working for CN. This program ensures that contractors possess the required credentials and adhere to CN's safety standards when working on our property. eRailSafe is a prerequisite for CN contractors and their sub-contractors who operate on company premises, access sensitive documents, and utilize CN's I&T infrastructure.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Managing Supply Chain Opportunities and Risks
We understand that having a robust supply chain involves identifying risks and opportunities, risk mitigation and relationship management throughout the entire procurement and sourcing process. We adopt a multi-pronged approach to manage opportunities and risks in our supply chain, specifically targeting our significant Tier 1 suppliers.
Supplier Capacity Building Initiatives
Collaboration with our suppliers is essential for driving continuous improvement and responsible sourcing.

By embedding sustainability principles, fostering supplier collaboration, and promoting diversity, we aim to create a more sustainable and inclusive supply chain.

Supplier Updates

Supplier Updates

Consistent communication with our suppliers by e-mail, supplier portal and meetings to provide updates on key initiatives and discuss sustainable procurement.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier Diversity

Promote an inclusive supply chain & procurement process by supporting traditionally underrepresented suppliers.

Indigenous Business Opportunities

Indigenous Business Opportunities

Building relationships and identifying opportunities with Indigenous-owned businesses in communities where we operate.


For more information about our Sustainable Procurement Program, please contact our Procurement team. For more information on our Indigenous partnership program please visit our Indigenous Relations page.