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Prices, Tariffs & Transit Times

CN provides a broad range of optional services, rules and regulations, tariffs to respond to all your needs. In the course of managing your logistics chain, you may occasionally require additional information that goes beyond the basic hauling of freight.

Full Listing of Our Optional Services, Rules and Regulations, Tariffs

 CN 6400 – CN Credit Terms Agreement

 CN 6544  – Mileage Equalization and Distance Allowance in Canada

 CN 6600 – CN Claims and Liability, Rules and Regulations

 CN 6700 – Rules and Regulations for handling Hazardous Waste and related Articles

 RIC 6007 – Mileage Equalization in the U.S.

 CN 6800 – Rules and Regulations for Rates and Acceptance of Intermodal Traffic.

 CN 6901 – Handling of Incidents Involving Dangerous Goods

 CN 9000 – CN Shipping Regulations and Optional Services - Carload

  •  List of Rail Security-Sensitive Materials (RSSM) (XLS) – This list includes STCC codes of products that are affected by the regulations issued from the US Department of Homeland Security's Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on November 26, 2008

 CN 9100 – Optional Services - Intermodal

 CN 9001 CDA – Switching Services in Canada

 CN 9001 U.S. – Switching services in the U.S.

 CN 9002 – Optional Services – Automotive

 CN 9003 – Optional Services – Dimensional Loads

 CN 9004 – Optional Services – Unit Trains

 CN 9007 – Toxic Inhalations Hazards (TIH)Tariff

Other Documentation and Information

 Overview of Taxes (PDF) – Information on the GST/HST/QST and Freight Transportation Service Overview of Taxes

 Private Car Storage – Information on storage options for private cars

 Certified Coil Loaders List (PDF)