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CN and TCRC Union Bargaining Updates

Find the latest on bargaining updates between CN and the Teamsters Canada Rail Conference (TCRC) union here.

TCRC represents approximately 6,000 conductors, conductor trainees, yard coordinators and locomotive engineers across CN’s network in Canada. The collective agreement expired on December 31, 2023 and will be extended under Canadian law until the parties reach an agreement.

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Latest Updates

May 16, 2024 — Negotiations between CN and the TCRC are continuing this week with the support of federal conciliators. (May 16 press release available here.)

As previously communicated, CN’s proposals have focused on enhancing employee safety, introducing predictable scheduling with planned consecutive days off, better work-life balance, and increased financial compensation.

The Union made it clear they will not move forward with these initial proposals which were based on hourly rates, scheduling, and consecutive days off. As the Union would not negotiate these enhancements to shape a more modern agreement, and wishing to reach a negotiated settlement without a work stoppage, CN has now tabled a revised offer. This revised offer eliminates the hourly rate and scheduling proposal and maintains the home terminal rest provisions currently in the collective agreement. CN’s offer is fully compliant with the government’s Duty and Rest Period Rules (DRPR).

With this new offer on the table, the Company is trying to negotiate within the parameters of the current collective agreement to reach a negotiated settlement.

Details of the Two Proposals:

CN's Initial Offer
Rejected by the Union 

CN's New Offer
Attempting to Reach a Negotiated Settlement

  • $65/hour for conductors and $75/hour for locomotive engineers regardless of road or yard service
  • For those who earned more in 2023, their salary would have been protected at that level
  • Wage increases of 3% in 2024 and 2.5% in 2025
  • Job security and no layoffs
  • Layoff provisions remain the same
  • Decrease PLDs to 5
  • No change. Employees who currently have PLDs will be able to keep their PLDs
  • Increase in vacation
  • No change to the current vacation allotment
  • Mobile Workforce – could be forced to such position instead of layoff
  • Mobile Workforce – positions will only be awarded on voluntary basis
  • Rest in accordance with DRPR
  • Rest at home terminal is unchanged
  • KSS self-assessment remains unchanged per DRPR provisions

For employees in Western Canada covered by the 4.3, 1.2 and both BCR CBA’s:

  • Employees will not be put to bed enroute or to be tied up between terminals by the Company, except in emergency situations
  • Guaranteed 40 hours of work per week and a planned schedule with a minimum two consecutive days off
  • Ability to work up to 12 hours, and overtime after scheduled hours

For employees in Western Canada covered by the 4.3, 1.2 and both BCR CBA’s:

  • Duty periods are raised to a maximum of 12 hours
  • Reset breaks will be scheduled
  • CN is proposing a payment for duty hours beyond 10 hours
  • Guaranteed mileage of 3800 miles and 4300
  • No more than one rest period at an Away from Home Terminal

No change for employees in Eastern Canada

Other Improvements Include:

  • Improvements to meal allowances, including the all-inclusive
  • Boot allowance of $250 per year for all employees
  • Training allowance equivalent to an additional $7/hour
  • Outpost terminal travel allowance when using a personal vehicle equivalent to 50 cents per kilometer travelled and travel time