Safety Is a Core Value at CN
Safety is not just a priority at CN, but a deeply held core value. Our vision is to become the safest railway in North America.
We think it is the right thing to do for our employees, customers and communities and it is good for business.

Taking on Winter

Your Safety Toolkit
At CN, we work together to ensure everyone goes home safely. That extends to our customers. Our approach to customer safety is collaborative. We do everything we can to ensure our operations are safe and your cargo is handled with care and caution. As customers, you help CN stay moving by ensuring key safety elements are in place.

Everyday Safety
Safety isn’t a buzzword. It is something both CN and our customers work toward daily, communicating and collaborating to ensure our mutual operations are completed safely and efficiently.

We’ve assembled some resources to help you understand how to work safely with CN.

Proper Handling of Derails

Proper Use of Safety Appliances

Securing Cables

Track Maintenance

Proper Operating of Boxcars Doors*

Spotting Damaged Boxcar Doors*

Boxcar Loading and Unloading Practices*

Loading Boxcars – Full Video*
Intermodal Terminal Safety Procedures
Intermodal Terminal Safety Procedures

* Some of our animated videos cover the safe operation of boxcar doors. The loading practices depicted in these animations are an artist’s conception and are not suitable for freight loading and should not be practiced.
Customer Safety Training
Safety culture is built on education. The nature of our business and that of our customers means that we're constantly working together to get cargo where it needs to be. Doing that Safely means ensuring customers understand safety best practices when working with rail.

For Safety Concerns at Your Facility 

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