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Safety Guidelines and Regulations

The information below is vital for the safety of our operations.  This will ensure that your goods get to destination safely without injuring people or damaging material.

Do not overload your car!

As stated in our optional services tariff CN 9000 Item 14000, you must ensure:

  • The weight of the commodity you put in your car must not exceed the load limit stenciled on the car. 
  • The weight, indicated on the car, plus the weight of your commodity, must not exceed the maximum gross weight capacity of the route to destination.

To determine how much weight our network can support, take a look at our Rail Capacity on CN's Network page. If you are unable to determine the capacity of the route to destination contact your Account manager or call 1-888-MOVIN-CN (668-4626)

You respected the load limits, but did you pay attention to how you loaded that weight on the car?

You must make sure that all compartments in the car are loaded to the same level. This is important for safety. An improperly loaded car may result in:

  • A derailment
  • Structural damage
  • Commodity losses for the shipper

Improperly or overloaded cars will be treated as stated below:

  • Pulled aside for load adjustment
  • The shipper will be responsible for arranging for the load to be reduced or rearranged at its own expense
  • The shipper will have to pay for all additional switching, asset use and penalty charges