Operational Safety
Infrastructure and technology
investments create safer operations
Technology Is Essential to Driving Safety
Our infrastructure and technology investments create safer operations across our network, reducing accidents and injuries, and protecting communities and the environment.

Technology is essential to driving safety and advancing innovations into all aspects of our operations. In addition, capital investments support track and railway infrastructure maintenance to support safe and efficient operations.
Derailment Prevention Technologies Support Safer Network Operations

Through wayside detector technologies, ongoing preventative maintenance and community partnerships, we focus on safe train operations along our network in Canada and the U.S. These preventative and proactive measures keep trains on the track and safely reaching their destinations.

Wayside Detector Technology

Wayside Detection Systems

CN has an extensive wayside detection network, utilizing over 24 million data points per day across 2,800+ detectors to monitor locomotive and railcar mechanical health. These detection technologies and algorithms generate alarms and notifications, allowing us to proactively detect real-time issues on active trains to enable preventative action and increase safety.

Multiple layers of technology and lines of defense help prevent incidents, and new technologies provide early identification of difficult-to-visually inspect components. CN is committed to continuously improving our approach and technologies.

Community Partnerships

CN works with communities and first responders, proactively sharing information about our safety programs and response protocols. This includes providing training for first responders.

CN encourages first responders to register for access to the AskRail® app.


Wayside Detection Systems Types

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