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Ready for a pop quiz?  Name two different types of coal and describe their uses.  If you said metallurgical coal and thermal coal, you would be right. They can, respectively, be used in the steel and power generation industry. At CN, we ship both and more, as we also ship petroleum coke.

From coal mine to ship

45 million tonnes – That is how much coal CN ships, on average, every year.  That's a lot of coal.  With access to over 13 mines and seven petroleum coke producing facilities in the U.S. and Canada and the high-capacity terminals we serve, we connect North American coal producers to markets around the world.

Our Competitive Advantage


Shipping Capacity

We ship enough coal every year to fill approximately three million swimming pools, and we could fill a lot more! We have access to multiple high capacity terminals such as Ridley, Westshore and Neptune, three of many terminals which can accommodate high volumes destined for China, Korea, India or Japan.


Extended Reach

We offer you access to our unique three-coast network to get your coal products to key markets in Canada and the U.S. or overseas to Asia and Europe.

The Triple Threat

We have the speed, the reach and the capacity to expand your market. While our services do not yet extend to the moon, our high level of service and professionalism are out of this world.


CN is well-prepared to get your coal to its destination!

We can ship thermal coal from various origins in the U.S. and Canada to either reach local markets or travel as far as Europe and Asia through a network that spans three coasts.

Quick Access to Asia

Did you know that Prince Rupert has a 10-day supply chain advantage to the Asian market? Check out our transit times to Asia.

Coal Supply Chain Approach

We have developed a comprehensive supply-chain approach – with clear metrics highlighting coal inventories at mines and ports, the arrival date of vessels, the amount of coal being shipped from mines, and the number of trains in transit to and from mines.

Supply Chain Approach

We can measure the amount of coal on hand, on the train and at the port and adapt our train schedule and frequency to a specific vessel schedule.

Equipment & Innovation

Get the right fit for your product

CN owns and operates the largest equipment fleet in Canada. We have the quantity and variety of equipment you need to meet your transportation requirements for safe, damage-free shipping!


40% of the world’s electricity comes from coal

This is just one of the interesting facts you can learn about coal. For more interesting information on coal production and markets that can benefit your business, visit the World Coal Association website.

Price and Tariffs

Ready to ship?

The first step towards getting your goods to their destination is getting a price.

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