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Dimensional and Heavy Loads


You need to transport a 1,000,000-pound steam generator across the country? We can help with that! For those larger things in life, CN is a one-stop solution for you.

Moving Big Made Easy

We are true supply chain enablers who can safely and efficiently handle your heavy, oversized and dimensional loads. Whether moving within North America or overseas, we have the skills and experience to move your special cargo to their intended destination. Our trained experts work with logistics specialists throughout the entire supply chain to get your special cargo seamlessly and safely to destination.


Expertise and Safety in Mind

In-depth Engineering Assessment

To move your product expertly from point A to B, our specialized dimensional loads team develops a comprehensive assessment of logistics, which include height and width clearance analysis, recommendations for special equipment, as well as unique transportation solutions.

Clearance Bureau

Our clearance bureau will determine the following:
- Actual dimensional classification (PDF) based on pre-clearance information once the clearance request form is submitted.
- Feasibility of your dimensional shipment.
It will also coordinate the orders of heavy duty cars. Requests need to be submitted to once pre-clearance is approved.

Customs Brokerage Service

We offer simplified and accelerated customs clearances, communicating with agencies and government throughout the shipping process. Our expert licensed brokers ensure that all of the proper procedures are being followed and customize solutions to meet your needs, saving you time and money.

Our Competitive Advantages

Supply Chain Approach

CN has the capability to manage the total supply chain, from your point of origin to your destination. Our team of professionals is prepared to adapt the service as changes occur in the supply chain.

Extended Reach

We are the only railway to have a network that connects to three coasts as well as the Saint Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes, allowing you to extend your market to Asia, Europe and South America. Our strategically placed transload facilities give you easy access to over 75% of the U.S. markets and all Canadian markets.

Equipment & Innovation

Get the right fit for your product

CN owns and operates the largest equipment fleet in Canada. We have the quantity and variety of equipment you need to meet your transportation requirements for safe, damage-free shipping!


Dimensional Loads Brochure (PDF)

Guideline – Shipping Dimensional Loads

Dimensional Loads Clearance File Request Form (XLS)

Dimensional Classification (PDF)

What Is a Dimensional Shipment? (PDF)

Price and Tariffs

Ready to ship?

The first step towards getting your goods to their destination is getting a price. If your shipment is between 10’8’’ and 12’ in width (D1 to D3) / less than 250,000 lbs, you can obtain pricing online by following these steps (PDF).

Extra charges could apply. Please take a look at our tariffs.

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