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Chances are we handled the car you drive to get around. As a transportation leader in the automotive industry, and with connections to ports on three coasts, CN handles over 2.6 million vehicles annually in North America. In addition, 50% of cars produced in Canada are handled by us. We are well positioned to offer seamless access to key ports and global trade. We have the solutions, the experience and the expertise.

An inch and a half…

That is the available space from each side-view mirror of a vehicle to either side of a railcar... Imagine driving onto a multi-level railcar and the precision it takes. As vehicles speed across North America, we are the ones who ensure that cars are well-secured and arrive to dealers damage-free. Furthermore, we have developed innovative solutions to move cars in our intermodal containers, which means more options and additional savings.



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Our services don’t stop at simply transporting your cars. Our Autoport facilities offer the industry's most comprehensive range of “added-value” services through our processing and distribution centres across Canada and the U.S. From storage and inspections to painting and detailing, we do it all.

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Equipment & Innovation

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CN owns and operates the largest equipment fleet in Canada. We have the quantity and variety of equipment you need to meet your transportation requirements for safe, damage-free shipping!


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