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Safety Guidelines and Regulations

If you are moving freight that is high, wide, long or heavy, we can ship it. We have the experience and knowledge to move your valuable cargo safely to destination. To get started contact one of our experts who will ask you to fill the Dimensional Load Clearance File Request Form (XLS).


Please note that all dimensional shipments must have a clearance file.

Get a complete transportation solution

Our team has an excellent track record on safety and damage-free handling. Our experts work with logistics specialists throughout the entire supply chain.

A value-added logistics solution can include:

  • Height and width clearance analysis
  • Heavy duty railcars for your dimensional load 
  • Recommendations of special equipment for efficient loading
  • Safe loading requirements and secure procedures
  • Reliable transit times
  • Transload facilities for truck to rail transfer and rail to truck transfer
  • Assistance in finding a loading/offloading location on system tracks

Self Service Tools

Registering with ebusiness enables you to obtain information online:

  • Clearance file requests
  • Rates for most CN origin-destinations for shipments 12ft wide or less and up to 300,000 lbs
  • Routing, mileage
  • Interactive map – displaying information throughout the North American rail network

  • Read more about dimensional and heavy loads