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CN Police Service

Emergency Number

1-800-465-9239, Option 3


For non urgent inquiries & tips


CN Police Service

Proud of our long history in railway policing that dates back to early 19th century, the CN Police Service commits to making CN the safest Railway in North America by protecting its people, property and resources and by ensuring the safety and security of the communities that CN serves.

Join the Team

In becoming a member of CN Police you join a select and proud fraternity of those who, down through history to our present day police services and police officers, have devoted their talents, energies and loyalties towards making our Railway and communities a safer and better place to live. We are Railway Policing Experts. Apply Now

In the Community

For more than 20 years in Canada and the United States, all CN employees, police officers, and risk managers, from train crews to retirees, have been promoting the importance of safety at highway railway crossings and warning of the danger of trespassing on railway property.

Promoting safety to students

Each year, CN Police offers the CN All Aboard for Safety Operation Lifesaver presentation to more than 100,000 students in more than 700 schools in Canada and the United States. The presentations include videos, demonstrations, activities, and informational handouts.

Safety Blitzes

CN Police conducts safety blitzes at busy highway railway crossings with local police services to help make drivers aware of the importance of safety. CN and local media support us by promoting these events.

Community safety partnerships

Part of the strength of the CN All Aboard for Safety program is the collaborative relationship with our major community safety partners:

  • Operation Lifesaver
  • Safe Communities Foundation
  • Safe Kids Canada
  • Smartrisk
  • Mothers Against Drunk Drivers
  • Can You Make The Grade
  • CN All Aboard For Safety
  • Race Against Drugs

Public Complaints Process

CN police service is subject to a Code of Ethics which is directed to all its members. The Code of Ethics establishes standards of professional conduct that all CN Police members are expected to uphold. Officers are considered to be a reliable source of help in times of need, persons worthy of trust and protectors of public order on Company property. They are expected to display high ethical standards at all times.

How Complaints Are Made?

A complainant may make a complaint regarding the conduct of any member of the CN Police Service. All complaints shall be made on the prescribed complaint form, addressed to the Chief of Police. A complainant may make a complaint through an agent whom he or she designates to act on his behalf, and, if so authorized by the complainant, the agent take all actions that a complainant may take under this procedure.

 Complaints Procedure (PDF)

  Railway Safety Act (PDF)



Request for Information

CN Police Service (“CNPS”) collects, uses and discloses information to further its mandate to enforce the law of Canada or a province related to the protection of property owned, possessed or administered by CN and the protection of persons and property on CN property. A person or organization may request information from CNPS at any time.

 External Access to information Policy and Procedure (PDF)

 Request for Information Form (PDF)


Rail Investigation Guide

In order to make it easier for external police services to respond to railway incidents, CN Police developed an investigation guideline for railway incidents.

When a railway incident occurs, one priority is to reduce the standing time of the train for safety reasons and lessen rail transportation network delays. The guideline allows officers to conduct their investigation more efficiently thus reducing safety risks and train delays.

CN Police Canada


Today, the Railway Safety Act contains the legal authority for the appointment of CN Police and provides railway Constables with all the powers of a peace officer including those powers vested through the Criminal Code of Canada.

CN Police in the U.S.

In the U.S., each state in which CN operates grants police powers to CN Police Officers. State specific powers are also augmented by Interstate Authority granted by the United States Secretary of Transportation (Code 49USC28101)