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CN in Your Community 2016

Connecting with our Neighbors

Rail Safety Week

Live the 360º Rail Safety Experience and act today!

CN Cycle for CHEO 2016

A record $953,446 was raised to help children fighting cancer.

Future Links

CN Future Links gives children an affordable opportunity to play golf in a safe and fun environment. Through activities like the CN Future Links Community Tour, the CN Future Links Field Trip Program and the CN Future Links School Adoption Program, CN is committed to promoting the importance of health and safety in communities all across the country.

At the Core of it All - The Stronger Communities Fund

For CN, giving back is not a slogan — it is a way of doing business. The CN Stronger Communities Fund, which symbolizes our commitment to help build safer, stronger communities, is how we give something back. It’s how we make the communities in which we operate better places to live and work.

The Stronger Communities Fund is at the core of our community investment strategy. This spirit of caring is shared by everyone at CN, from our officers and directors to our employees. Through our efforts, we touch people in hundreds of communities across North America.

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