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Stop Off

What is this?

Allows entry of up to 15 stops for additional products to be loaded / unloaded at different delivery locations. A Stop Off Party must have a complete company name and address. Select the party from the stop off party picklist. Click the Update button to add a party to the picklist or to edit an existing party.

When is it used?

For all shipments that require additional stops for loading and unloading at different locations.

Information available

The following information can be provided in this block:

Information Required Notes
Reason Required Type of service required.
Party Required One of the parties involved in one of the stops.
Contact Name Required Name of the contact at the location.
Phone Required Number of the contact at the location.
Number of Pieces Optional The number of pieces being delivered.
Weight Optional The weight of the pieces being delivered.
Reference Optional Shipment ID for this stop off.
Delivery Date and Time Optional Date and time of the delivery.