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Rule 11

What is this?

Where the shipper requires invoicing from more than one carrier in a shipment’s route.

When is it used?

When the shipper needs invoicing from more than one carrier in a route. A payer of freight is specified for each segment which represents a different carrier invoice.

Information available

If the “Rule 11” block is selected from the “Pattern Manager” then the “Route” block becomes mandatory.

Each segment selection is determined by the route that has been entered in the “Route” block.  Only roadhaul carriers can be selected as invoicing carriers.

When in doubt about the selections that need to be made please refer to your rate publications with your various service providers.
The following information has to be provided in this block for each segment:

Information Required Notes
Select Rule 11 Segments Mandatory Beginning and end of an invoice segment.
Select Paying Party Mandatory The party to pay for the specific segment's invoice.
Select Invoicing Carrier Mandatory The party who is responsible for invoicing this specific segment's invoice.