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Product Description and Weight

What is this?

Describes the product being shipped, how it is packaged, the weight, plus any materials used to secure the shipment.

When is it used?

Everytime shipping information is sent to CN.

Information available

The following information can be provided in this block:

Information Required Notes
Product (STCC) Required The product being shipped.

Information for all products
STCC : Standard Transportation Commodity Code used to identify the product.
Description : The product description.
Note: You can modify the description of any product that is not a dangerous good or hazardous material via the Product Utility.

Information for dangerous goods and hazardous materials only
Regulatory Authority: Authority used when shipping dangerous goods and hazardous materials.
Technical Name: The product's technical name.
Class : Identifies a risk or hazard associated with the goods.
UN/NA# : A 4 digit number used to help define the goods internationally.
Packing Group : Indicates the level of hazard associated with the dangerous good.

Note: Press the "Update Product List" button to update your list of products.
Harmonized System (HS) Code Optional An internationally standardized system of names and numbers for classifying products, developed and maintained by the World Customs Organization (WCO). Required when STCC selected is '4611110'.

Can be used in conjunction with the STCC to identify the product(s) being shipped. Up to 15 Harmonized System Codes can be selected using the 'More...' button.

Note: Press the "Update List" button to update your list of products.
Packages Required The number of packages in the shipment, and the packaging type. Not required when Load/Empty is 'Empty'.
Product Weight Required

The total shipping weight. Not required when Load/Empty is 'Empty'.

Declare Empty Optional For empty cars originating in Canada only. Will be used in the future to bill an empty tank, gondola or hopper that doesn't contain any residue. US customs requirement for 2012.
Dunnage Optional The shipping weight of any blocking and bracing materials and pallets.
Additional Description Optional Any special description of the product.
Unit of Measure Required The unit of measure that corresponds to the Product Weight and Dunnage values. Not required when Load/Empty is 'Empty'.
Type Required The type of weight provided. Not required when Load/Empty is 'Empty'.
Agreement Number Optional The code you use in your company for this product.