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Parties to the Shipment

What is this?

The parties to the waybill are the companies / individuals involved in the movement of your shipment. In most cases, a complete company name and address is required for each party when sending Shipping Instructions to CN.

When is it used?

Used for all shipments.

Information available

The following information can be provided in the designated block.

Information Required Notes
Care Of (Ship to) Optional The party the shipment is to be delivered to at destination if delivery is not to the consignee.
Consignee (Sold to) Required The party who will control the shipment at destination. If delivery is to the consignee, this should be the receiving point.
Loading Party (Ship From) Optional The party who loaded the shipment if other than the shipper.
Notify Party Optional The party to be notified of a shipment's arrival at destination. A contact person and communication numbers are recommended when specifying a Notify party on the shipping instructions input screen.
Payor of Freight Optional The party who will receive the invoice for the freight transportation.
Shipper (Sold By) Required The party who will tender the shipping instructions (also known as the bill of lading). If the shipment is loaded by the shipper, this should be the shipping point.
Ultimate Consignee Optional Further than the Consignee, this is the party who will ultimately receive the goods.

Other Party

An "Other" party is one less commonly involved in a shipment. You may enter up to four of these parties per shipping instruction.

Other Party Names Notes
Other The "other" selection must be checked off in the "Party, Customer" utility block for this party to appear in your "other" picklist on the shipping instructions input page.
Beneficial Owner The legal owner of the shipment.
Customs Broker The party handling the customs clearance.
Forwarder at Mexican Border The party arranging the shipments transportation into Mexico.
Importer The party arranging the shipment importation.
Stop Off For all intermodal shipments that require additional stops for loading and unloading at different locations.
Waste Generator The party that generates waste products.
Waste Transporter The party that transports waste products.
Waste Facility The party that receives waste products.