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Key Information and Dates

What is this?

Describes the railcar or container being shipped, the load / empty status, and how the freight charges are being paid.

When is it used?

Everytime shipping information is sent to CN.

Information available

The following information can be provided in this block:

Information Required Notes
Shipping Date Required The date when you will have the equipment ready to depart your location.
Release Time Required The time when you will have the equipment ready to depart your location.
Equipment ID Required The initials and numbers stenciled on the side of the equipment.
Unique Shipment ID Required The number you use to track the shipment internally.
Price Reference Optional

A unique reference that identifies the price of a shipment (e.g. 'CN T0000012345000123'). It can be found using the download feature of the Price Documents tool.

The price reference is made up of 4 components:

Pos. Length Description Example
1-4 4

Standard Carrier Abbreviation Code (SCAC).

Note: If less than 4 characters, pad with trailing spaces.

'CN '



Price Authority Type.

T: Public tariff
D: Limited distribution tariff
F: Limited freight tariff
C: Regular contract
M: Macro contract
Q: Express contract
E: Exempt quote

6-15 10

Price Authority Number.

Note: If less than 10 numbers, pad with leading zeroes.

16-21 6

Price Number, within the Price Authority.

Note: If less than 6 numbers, pad with leading zeroes.

Minimum Car Block Size for Price Optional

If the expected price of your shipment is dependent upon a minimum car block size, enter the number of cars here.

Requested Delivery Date/Time Optional This is the most desirable date and time for delivery to your customer.
Delivery Contact Optional Contact information for the delivery.
Load/Empty Required Indicates the load / empty status of the shipment.

Note: Select 'Empty' when shipping residue dangerous goods or residue hazardous materials.
Freight Charges Paid By Required

Indicates who will pay the freight charges.

Note: If the shipment is 'Empty' and Freight Charges Paid By is 'No charge', then the STCC is optional. Everything else in the Product Description and Weight block must be blank.