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Intermodal Service

What is this?

Specifies the CN service type requested, i.e., door or ramp or combination, and the equipment type. Selecting the correct type of service is key to the transportation of your shipment.

When is it used?

Used for all shipments of trailers or containers.

Information available

The following information can be provided in this block:

Information Required Notes
Service Type Required

Select the intermodal service you would like to have.

Note: For service from door, in equipment that is not trucker owned, a Requested Delivery Date/Time must be provided in the Key Information and Dates block.

Equipment Optional Select equipment owner.
Type of Equipment Required If not CN Supplied, select the Type of Equipment.
Length of Unit Optional If not CN Supplied, select length of equipment.
Height of Unit Optional If not CN Supplied, select the height of the Container.
Chassis ID Optional If the container will travel to destination with the chassis, enter the chassis ID.
Protective temperature setting is required on this shipment Optional The shipment requires heat or refrigeration to be kept at a constant temperature

Note: Cargo Control Numbers can be added only for US to Canada shipments. You will need to add the USA to Canada Customs block to your pattern.