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Canada to Mexico Customs

What is this?

The Canada to Mexico Customs block provides the ability to identify parties involved in the shipment, and send details required by US and Mexican Customs to transport shipments in bond and expedite customs clearance.

When is it used?

Required for all shipments originating in Canada and transported to Mexico for consumption or for furtherance to another country.

Information available

The following information can be provided in this block:

Information Required Notes
Country of Origin of Goods Required Origin of the product shipped.
Province of Origin of Goods Optional Allows you to specify the province of origin. May only be selected if the Country of Origin is Canada.
Clearance Type Required Describes customs bond for the shipment.
Customs Broker (Canada – US Border) Optional Party handling the customs clearance.
Customs Broker (US - Mexico Border) Mandatory Required when entry must be made by a customs broker into or out of Mexico.
Inland Mexican Broker Optional Required when in-bond inland entry must be made by a customs broker within Mexico.
Mexican Patente # Optional Unique number assigned to each broker.
Freight Forwarder Optional Party handling the forwarding of the shipment.
Importer Optional Party arranging the shipment importation. Mandatory if different than the Consignee of the shipment.
Beneficial Owner Optional Legal owner of the shipment.
Ultimate Consignee Optional Final party to receive the shipment.
Consignee's IRS # Optional Bond holder's IRS number.
Export Declaration Numbers Mandatory CBSA Numbers.
Total Value of Goods Optional Shipment value for customs. Mandatory if Clearance Type is "Transportation Exportation (T&E) bond".
Related Company Indication Code Optional Is transaction between related or unrelated companies.
Special Charge or Allowance Code Optional To identify the type of Special Charge or Allowance Code.
Additional Customs Information Optional Other information that need to be provided.