MAY 30, 2022

CN and KT Group : Improving visibility

CN’s suite of API products improve supply chain visibility for all links in the supply chain, including stakeholders who are not party to the Bill of Lading.

CN’s third-party API: KT Group gains last mile visibility

KT Group is a Montreal based transport company, offering logistics and transportation solutions throughout Canada and the continental United States. One of KT’s services, is the draying of containers to and from CN’s Intermodal terminals to the beneficial cargo owners (BCO’s) on behalf of shippers and receivers.

Dray carriers such as KT Group do not always have visibility on the bill of lading (BOL), which can reduce overall supply chain visibility and operational efficiencies. Until CN’s third-party API, companies like KT Group had to rely on manual web interfaces – not exactly ideal when it comes to asset planning and customer service levels.

With their tailored approach to work in partnership with our customers, CN’s digital engagement team ensured CN’s third-party API would integrate with KT Group’s robust digital ecosystem. Events are pulled directly into KT Group’s online platform allowing them access to vital information on-demand.

CN’s third-party API provides key planning information to stakeholders who are not party to the BOL. Available data includes ETA, load/empty status, last free day, location, latest event, customs holds, and many other planning-centred information that helps drive up visibility and performance.

The result is greater access to data for KT Group, which enables stronger market positioning with their customers. It also creates a more efficient supply chain for all stakeholders.

To learn more about CN’s API development platform please contact us or visit our API customer page.