FEB 11, 2021

CN and FourKites: collaborating together to improve customers’ bottom line

CN is leading the way as an enabler of the economy with a multi-faceted, modern approach that uses the cloud- and platform-based architecture to build a new Digitalized Scheduled Railroad. .

Our goal is to provide an optimal digital experience for CN customers and supply chain partners - regardless of how they connect to and consume data. CN’s APIs offer robust supply chain visibility tools, which demonstrate our commitment to managing customer supply chains through system integration and innovative data.

Many CN customers partner with platform-based data aggregators that manage complex digital ecosystems and vast amounts of supply chain data. By optimizing their global supply chains with real-time visibility, customers can make data-driven business decisions and build competitive advantage.

CN platform partner FourKites, the world's largest predictive supply chain visibility platform, helps Fortune 500 companies orchestrate their complex supply chains by combining powerful machine learning with real-time data to improve visibility and on-time performance. Some of CN’s largest customers are partnered with FourKites and, through close collaboration, CN and FourKites create value for customers by combining CN’s API data and FourKites’ visibility platform to improve overall supply chain operations.

Data quality earns CN a spot as the first class 1 on FourKites’ Premier Carrier List

With a successful launch of the API portal in March 2020, CN was the first class 1 railroad to be added to FourKites’ Premier Carrier List. CN’s ranking was determined by the quality of data generated via CN APIs.

Benefit from CN’s API platforms today

CN’s API development platform offers customers data that was not previously available, such as GPS location of customers’ railcars and containers. CN APIs also provide key data such as BOL information, shipment status and ETA details. CN’s APIs also make it easy to query data from a wide variety of customer inputs including equipment, bill of lading information, vehicle identification number, reservation number and more.

CN’s dedicated team of API professionals fully support customers and their supply chain visibility partners during the onboarding process, and are highly responsive to customer requirements.

To learn more about CN’s API development platform please contact us or visit our API customer page.