API Cando
DEC 03, 2020

Cando Rail Services and CN’s APIs

Connectivity that improves supply chain visibility and better customer service

CN launched the API Marketplace  with a strategic vision to design the best possible digital experience for our customers and global supply chain partners.

Our vision is to enable a seamless digital journey that empowers CN’s customers and partners to unlock critical supply chain data - providing access to real-time visibility of their shipments on CN’s network. CN’s APIs are easy to setup, hassle free, and provide system-to-system connectivity via state-of- the-art digital platforms.

Cando Rail Services: Better traffic management with CN’s APIs

Cando Rail Services offers many supply-chain services. These services include railcar multi-purpose terminals, operating and managing the first mile and last mile for customers and a supply-chain optimization platform called Quasar.

Using CN’s GPS location and ETA API’s has allowed Cando to enhance Shipment visibility in its cloud native Quasar platform. CN API’s also allow Cando to efficiently plan resources within their terminals. The API data is also used to update pipeline reports, and API BOL data enhances safety by effortlessly identifying hazmat cars.

Benefit from CN’s API platforms today

CN’s API development platform offers customers data that was not previously available, such as GPS location of customers’ railcars and containers. CN APIs also provide key data such as BOL information, shipment status and ETA details. CN’s APIs also make it easy to query data from a wide variety of customer inputs including equipment, bill of lading information, VIN RV and more.

To learn more about CN’s API development platform please contact us or visit our API customer page.