SEP 17, 2020

CN and Ray-Mont apply API connectivity to improve supply chain visibility for customers and supply chain partners.

CN first launched our API Marketplace  with a vision to build the best possible digital experience for our customers and global supply chain partners.

We are delivering on this vision by working in close collaboration and capturing crucial insights and requirements from our many customers and partners. CN’s dedicated team of API professionals then go to work and build APIs that help our customers win in their markets.

Our latest release to the API Marketplace is a suite of five track and trace API’s. CN’s track and trace APIs provide customers with critical system-to-system data such as estimated time of arrival (ETA) details, shipment status and bill of lading information (BOL). It is designed with a hassle-free onboarding process that fully supports CN customers and partners - remaining highly responsive to unique customer requirements.

CN is also proud to announce an industry first: a GPS API. CN customers can now receive real time system-to-system GPS location of their rail car or container.

CN’s track and trace APIs benefit all links in the supply chain. Shipper, consignees and 3rd parties are no longer required to log into CN’s eBusiness platform, or contact CN customer service to receive key ETA and tracking information – helping our customers and partners save time and reduce manual interactions.

Ray-Mont Logistics: Using CN API’s to manage a complex supply chain

Ray-Mont Logistics facilitates international trade across CN’s network by enhancing the container supply chain, streamlining both rail and container movements. Their services include transload, freight-forwarding and carload services. Optimizing a complex supply chain requires quality data coupled with seamless integration. CN’s track and trace APIs provide real-time GPS location and ETA directly into Ray-Mont’s proprietary AI-based system, empowering Ray-Mont to make critical and time sensitive decisions with accurate information.

“CN included us very early on in the development process, which provides a high-quality end result. This collaborative and tailored approach facilitated the speed of development, transparency of information, and ease of end-to-end experience.” Luke Mireault, Vice-President and Chief Innovation Officer

Benefit from CN’s API platforms today

CN’s API development platform offers customers data that was not previously available, such as GPS location of customers’ railcars and containers. CN APIs also provide key data such as BOL information, shipment status and ETA details. CN’s APIs also make it easy to query data from a wide variety of customer inputs including equipment, bill of lading information, vehicle identification number (VIN), reservation (RV) and more.

CN’s API Marketplace offers easy to use, real-time system-to-system connectivity, via state-of- the-art digital platforms – helping to empower CN’s customers to unlock critical supply chain data to help our customer’s access real-time visibility of their shipments on CN’s network.

To learn more about CN’s API development platform please contact us or visit our API customer page.