DEC 01, 2021

Our EcoChampions improve energy efficiency of lighting at Baton Rouge yard

After an energy audit revealed Baton Rouge could greatly improve its energy efficiency by replacing aging lights in the yard, CN Facilities Management decided to go for a longer-term fix.

Instead of repairing damaged light poles and replacing burned out bulbs, the team brought in 17 new poles and installed 50 new LED light fixtures across the yard. They also upgraded the power lines at the same time to support the new lighting, which helps avoid power outages from other activity. The project was funded by the EcoFund.

“The new lighting is almost 21% more energy efficient, saving $9,000 and reducing 31 metric tons of CO2 annually,” says Manni Leo, Supervisor, Facility Maintenance for the mid-west who was assisted by Jerry West, Facility Supervisor for the Gulf region, to find local contractors to do the lighting upgrade.

“Safety has also been improved with more light in the yard. There are no longer any dimly lit areas, which has increased visibility for drivers and employees walking around, especially in avoiding tripping hazards. The Baton Rouge team saw the advantages of the work right away and were very supportive,” adds Manni. “The improved lighting gives new life to the yard.”

CN’s EcoConnexions Employee Engagement program – a partnership with Earth Rangers – drives sustainability across CN's network by empowering employees and their families to conserve energy, reduce waste, and improve housekeeping.

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