Covid update
OCT 22, 2021

COVID-19 Update

An Abundance of Caution

CN is a responsible global corporation with over 25,000 employees, and we are taking all necessary steps to protect our employees, the communities in which we operate and our customers, vendors and partners and their employees, in response to the unprecedented challenges associated with the coronavirus (COVID-19).

While we continue to run a solid operation to safely serve our customers and keep the economy moving, CN deployed its multi-phase Pandemic Plan on March 9, 2020.

At this time, we continue to operate very efficiently and our network is extremely fluid. We continue to meet the needs of our customers, especially in the intermodal sector which is critical to the supply of goods needed to restock shelves in stores and weather this pandemic.


If you are a CN employee, please go to from your CN connected computer or login to the Employees Extranet,  using your own device to access the COVID-19 update site. If you are being tested for or diagnosed with COVID-19, or if you have questions, please use the COVID-19 Employee Support Tool, and select from the available options. Depending on your situation, you may be required to fill a quick form. Once you submit the form, the COVID-19 Support Team will respond to you within the next 24 hours.

Special Messages From The CN Team

Safety is a Core Value

We have on staff a medical team and occupational health department, who are playing a pivotal role in our pandemic planning. They are fully aligned and take direction from the World Health Organization, as well as Provincial, State and Federal authorities as required. They are also a member of the Association of American Railroad Health Committee where best practices are shared amongst North American railroads.

As part of our planning, CN implemented measures that include restricting employee travel, increasing social distancing, offering work from home for employees not required on site, and amplifying cleaning regimens on trains, in terminals, bunkhouses and in our offices. We also took the important step of segregating our rail traffic control functions and spreading these mission-critical employees over 5 highly-secure sites where they are better protected from contamination.

We have instructed all employees to self-isolate if they are returning from travel from another country, have signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or have someone in their household who has tested positive or is being tested for COVID-19.

We have also put into place the following measures:

  • Employees and their managers have access to a dedicated COVID-19 team to report any symptoms or to query on situations associated with COVID-19;

  • CN employees are kept informed regularly on measures taken under the Company’s Pandemic Plan;

  • Any area that may be contaminated will be evacuated and disinfected and any other employee who may have been infected will be required self-isolate;

  • CN employees accessing the premises of suppliers or customers can, upon request, provide a CN-issued personal Health Certificate form

  • Vaccination against COVID-19 will be mandatory for all its employees in Canada as of November 15, 2021

Canada - United States Border Remains Open to Rail

Canada and the United States announced that the border between the two countries would be temporarily closed to non-essential travel for tourists and visitors. CN worked with authorities on both sides of the border to make the case that rail is essential to the delivery of the goods our society requires. We are therefore pleased that this temporary closure does not affect rail shipments between Canada and the United States.

CN has always played a key role in the North American economy. We have been the railroad of North American free trade since the inception of NAFTA. We maintain seven secure border crossings, which are all protected by track side technology called VACIS. VACIS, or Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System, is a portal system used by US Customs and Border Protection that straddles our tracks at border crossing points and, using Gama Ray technology, images the contents of all rail cars and containers.

Our experienced team of border experts are working with government officials to ensure that goods get to market and that the border remains fluid.


Moving the Economy

We will continue to stay in close contact with government and with our supply chain partners to ensure goods continue to move without interruption. Our employees take our role in the global supply chain very seriously. Our intermodal service is moving key consumer goods to restock empty store shelves and our temperature-controlled service is playing an important role in the food and beverage sector. We are ready to ramp up our capacity as required to alleviate the pressure on long-haul truck drivers


If you have any additional questions, please contact CN's Public Inquiry Line at 1-888-888-5909 or email our Public Inquiries team.