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Development of Pest Management Plans

Consistent with CN’s legal obligations as a federally-regulated railway to ensure that vegetation which is on or immediately adjacent to the railway roadbed is controlled, CN must ensure that the track is free of vegetation that could create fire hazards, affect track integrity, obstruct visibility of operations and inspections, or impact grade crossing sightline requirements. Accordingly, and consistent with CN’s robust legislative framework which includes the Railway Safety Act, the Pest Control Products Act, and others, vegetation management activities are performed to ensure safe and efficient railway operations across CN’s transcontinental railway system.

The purpose for managing vegetation on lands owned or operated by CN is to maintain the safe functioning of train operations and to protect the public, employees and the environment from potential hazards that are associated with vegetation around railway operations. Consequently, CN has elected to prepare Pest Management Plans respecting vegetation control activities within certain property owned or operated by CN within the province of British Columbia as identified more fully in the documents below, on all track ballasts, rights-of-way, station grounds, rail yards, bridges, road and pedestrian crossings, and around shops, buildings and communications and signals infrastructure using the principles of integrated pest management.

Electronic copies of the draft Pest Management Plans with maps of the proposed treatment areas may be reviewed here:

 British Columbia

  Pest Management Plan Reference Number: CN-19/24-BCE

  Pest Management Plan Reference Number: CN-19/24-BCW