MAY 01, 2023

Continuing to Advance Our Testing of Biofuels

In 2022, CN announced an innovative partnership with Progress Rail, a Caterpillar company, and Chevron Renewable Energy Group (REG) to test the use of high-level renewable biofuel blends in rail operations. These types of fuels present an immediate opportunity to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and help us meet our ambitious science-based emission targets. The main objective of this pilot project is to evaluate the feasibility and impacts of using biofuels in our locomotives, including in cold weather.

The first year of testing on the Bessemer and Lake Erie portion of our network, in Pennsylvania, is already a success, testing different blends of biodiesel and renewable diesel without having any impact on our customers’ traffic, including during cold weather operations. Over 2023-2024, we will continue to closely monitor the impact of these tests on the locomotives in collaboration with our partners and compile all results at the end of the project to better understand the implications of using renewable biofuels across our network.

CN remains a leader in the North American rail industry, consuming approximately 15% less locomotive fuel per gross ton mile than the industry average, and we are committed to continue adapting our business to changing climate conditions, to help our customers reduce the environmental impact of their transportation activities, and to promote sustainability in the rail industry. We are pleased with the progress of our biofuel testing program to date and look forward to continuing our lower carbon journey.

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