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53ft Heated Containers
NOV 23, 2022

Intermodal Domestic Equipment Guaranteed

Guarantee your dry, heater or reefer equipment supply

CN’s Guaranteed Equipment Program (GEP) is a program open to all CN Domestic Intermodal customers that allocates the delivery of empty containers on a priority basis! Operating on an order-by-order basis rather than a contractual basis, GEP provides you with the flexibility and speed to market to move specific high priority loads.

Have a priority shipment you need to get off the dock? In high-pressure shipping situations with high market demand: think GEP!

Equipment orders can be guaranteed at all intermodal points of origin where CN supplies equipment (dry, heater, or reefer). **Note: not applicable to EMHU equipment

How GEP works:

  • Reserve guaranteed equipment for next-day service as well as same-day service, when available.
  • Receive dynamic rates that are origin-destination specific with no flat rate surcharge.
  • Access the limited number of dry, heater, and reefer containers that are reserved within CN’s daily allocation plan specifically for GEP.
  • Maintain your regular contract and equipment allocation while benefiting from immediate equipment when needed as the program does not affect your regular equipment ordering.
  • Place orders online easily using the Intermodal Orders tool by simply checking the Guaranteed Equipment Program box, when specifying equipment type in the Order Wizard.
  • Know instantly if your GEP order was accepted; when capacity is not available, your order will be declined, and an alternate date will be proposed.

GEP Order Process Pictogram

Program Advantages:

  • 53’ intermodal containers (dry, heater, or reefer) are guaranteed for next-day or same-day service.
  • Equipment allocations and empty deliveries are executed as priority.
  • Reliable equipment supply instead of requiring last minute spot rates for over-the-road trucking.
  • Peace-of-mind and speed-to-market with same day or next day service.


If you have any questions or need help getting started, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Service Representative. If you are new to CN contact our Sales team.