JUN 14, 2022

CN EcoChampions save big and avoid waste

When the aging overhead Munck crane at the Transcona Shops, the backbone for the whole yard, started to break down frequently, the Engineering team decided to take a closer look. “The machine used old school technology, parts were hard to find, and there was a lot of down time in operating it,” says Jeff Stroet, Program Supervisor and EcoChampion. A plan was put in place to upgrade the components of the crane and extend its life span, starting with the hoist motor in phase 1 and followed by the bridge, trolley and spreader bar in phase 2.

Electricians Amandeep Gill and Garrett Stachowich recommended the latest technology and components to use for the major overhaul which was completed by an outside contractor. Today, they troubleshoot small problems instead of major issues. “I am always in favour of upgrading machinery to extend its life if we can because it reduces our environmental footprint,” says Amandeep, who has over 13 years of service with CN. “We are all really familiar with the Munck and can fix small issues ourselves, saving time and money.” Approximately $230,000 has been saved in repair costs, machine downtime, and employee time dedicated to repairs. New timer technology in the upgrade has also enhanced employee safety by limiting any sudden movements of the crane.

EcoChampions - Jeff Stroet

CN’s EcoConnexions Employee Engagement program – a partnership with Earth Rangers – drives sustainability across CN's network by empowering employees and their families to conserve energy, reduce waste, and improve housekeeping.

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