FEB 10, 2022

TransX Increases Steel-wheel Visibility with CN’s GPS API

Moving over 25, 000 orders each month, TransX is one of North America’s leading transportation providers, offering a wide range of logistics solutions. TransX has long understood the benefit of using rail for the long haul and truck for the first and last mile.

TransX continuously seeks to increase intermodal supply chain visibility for its valued customers. During a digital engagement meeting with CN, TransX observed that supply chain visibility for rail shipments provided by EDI had room for improvement.

CN had the solution. Our GPS API.

CN’s GPS API uses available GPS positioning from its mainline locomotives, associating the precise location to a container or rail car. The GPS updates the location of the container or railcar every 10 minutes. The result is the most granular supply chain visibility in the rail industry.

Whether by rail or road, TransX can now provide seamless visibility to their customers. CN and TransX will continue to work together to identify more business opportunities and areas to digitize.

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