OCT 19, 2021

CN and Raven Logistics: Improving Visibility

CN APIs are improving visibility for all links in the supply chain. Our API’s are not only for shippers and consignees, they also connect to Transportation Management Systems (TMS). This allows customers to benefit from CN’s industry-leading track and trace data through their current TMS systems.

CN APIs helps improve supply chain visibility for TMS users

Raven Logistics, now part of E2open is a web-based railroad transportation management system software suite that provides greater global visibility and control of inventory across their customers' enterprise and throughout their supply chain.

For companies who specialize in managing the complexities of handling the tracking, tracing and reporting needs of many diverse customers - accurate, easy and low effort data integration is imperative to the success of their operations. CN’s track and trace API’s are the ideal solution. There are a few ways to access CN APIs, both are hassle free and the benefits are immediate.

  • Customer users simply create an API account, then add Raven as a developer.
  • Customer users can also alternately provide a Letter of Authorization to CN, allowing Raven to access data on their behalf. Once this step is complete, Raven handles the integration into the TMS.

In both scenarios, there is minimal effort for the customer user and Raven can efficiently integrate multiple customers.

To learn more about CN’s API development platform please contact us or visit our API customer page.